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Top tickets by votes (weighted)

The links in the table below lead to lists of top open tickets by weighted vote, and tickets with no votes, for different Clojure projects.

Note for those who think that voting on Clojure JIRA tickets doesn't matter: While that may have been true pre-2013, Alex Miller's job (one of them) is to make Clojure JIRA tickets make progress.  One way he and others use to decide which ones need progress sooner is the number of votes on the ticket.  Here are some quotes:

"In particular I use votes to decide what gets triaged.  We also used votes as a way to see which issues needed to be kept in [Clojure] 1.7 this week vs pushed off to 1.8.  So I'm telling you (as the one that makes those decisions), that it's useful. I look [at] those numbers every day."

"Both CLJ-1568 and CLJ-1561 have a lot of upvotes.  If somebody will add some good tests I will screen them today or over the weekend."

Project Top open tickets by weighted vote Open tickets with no votes
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