Clojure* Cheatsheets

Github repo for this page.  Go there and open an issue, or fork it and send a pull request to suggest additions or changes.

Clojure/JVM in HTML, PDF

Select a version of the cheatsheet for Clojure 1.8 - 1.11.  Doc strings in tooltips are from Clojure 1.11.

Tooltip contains doc string only Tooltip also includes 1-line summary of content
Tooltips using TipTip ClojureDocs ClojureDocs  (<-- MY FAVORITE)
Vanilla tooltips ClojureDocs ClojureDocs
No tooltips ClojureDocs

Use git to obtain a local copy of the browsable HTML cheatsheets (saving the pages in a browser loses the tooltips in my testing):

	% git clone

Other Clojure/JVM cheatsheets

Clojure/JVM in Emacs


ClojureScript cheat sheet in HTML, with tooltips (GitHub repo)

ClojureScript - PDF, no tooltips.  Last updated in 2012, so perhaps a bit dated

ClojureScript synonyms - HTML, no tooltips.  Code snippets in JavaScript and ClojureScript that have the same or similar effect.

Other Clojure info

Reports on status of Clojure tickets

Transcripts of many talks by Rich Hickey on Clojure, Datomic, and system development, including links to the videos.

Clojure benchmarks